Review – Mike’s Recovery HEAT Mineral Soak

Review – Mike’s Recovery HEAT Mineral Soak

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Mineral soaks have become a common tool for athletes and the overall fitness community as a way to boost recovery and performance.

This review looks at Mike’s Recovery ( HEAT Mineral Soak. The HEAT soak is intended to promote being limber and elastic. This is accomplished via a blend of 9 essential oils, Atlantic sea salt, and medium chain triglycerides. The essential oil blend will cause a warming sensation, hence the HEAT name.

We have tried various mineral soaks focussed on recovery, this is the first that could also potentially fall under the performance enhancing category. Similar to most mineral soaks, this is added to a bath and all you need to do is soak in it. It doesn’t get much easier.

While simple, the product description notes it is perfect for ice baths, however the directions say add to hot water. The suggested amount to use is between 1/2 cup to 1 cup per bath. Similar to other bath salts and soaks we have tried, this does not come with a measuring scoop. The unclear directions and lack of an included measuring scoop are all that held this product back from a perfect score on ease of use.

On first use, we went with the low-end measurement suggestion of 1/2 cup. The cinnamon and other oil scents were quite apparent, and there was a slight warming sensation, but outside of this there was not much of an effect.

Taking it for a second run, the measurement was upped to the full cup. The intensity was much stronger and heat did seem to relax the muscles, similar to performing various low intensity stretching exercises or using a product like Tiger Balm. Increasing the amount of mineral soak will up the intensity, and effectiveness will vary person to person depending on how tight their muscles are to begin with.

In terms of cost, the price is generally higher than other soaks we’ve evaluated. Even when using the low end suggested measurement amount, the price per soak is relatively high. Seeing as more mineral soak is needed for higher intensity, and that results will vary per person, we feel this price point isn’t prohibitive, but you may want to purchase the smaller size first to try it before buying in larger sizes.

Verdict: For days after intense training when your muscles are stiff, or to give yourself a jump start on limbering up pre-session, Mike’s Recovery HEAT seems to be a suitable option. Given the price, and that pre-session stretching can help achieve similar results, we don’t see this as a daily or even weekly use item for most people. We would suggest to keep some on hand for those mornings after training sessions when stiffness has set in.

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